Parent Resources

    Marijuana Talk Kit

    The Talk Kit provides parents with information on how to meaningfully discuss marijuana with their children. The increased prevalence of medical and legalized marijuana, in addition to the normalization of marijuana in pop culture, can make it difficult for parents to talk about marijuana with their children. 41 percent of marijuana users report initiating use before the age of 15, making early parental involvement especially important. Download a free copy of the Marijuana Talk Kit here (copy and paste the link into your browser): http:///

    Seeing through the Vapor - E-Cigarettes

    What parents need to know about e-cigarettes and what you can do to educate your child about the effects.

    Partnership for Drug Free Kids

    This website provides families with detailed information on drugs, offers an easy-to-use chart of various drugs, understanding the teen brain, and other resources.

    Drug Free World

    Watch videos, get free resources, and other resources to become educated about the effects of drugs.

    A Parent's Guide to Recognizing and Treating Depression in Your Child

    Approximately 1 in 8 adolescents suffer from clinical depression. This guide can help you recognize the signs and symptoms of depression and provides resources for treatments.