CARE Team (Student Assistance Program)

Student Assistance Program


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The SEMS-East CARE Team is a multidisciplinary team composed of  appropriately trained teachers, school counselors, administrators, and the school nurse.  Referrals to the CARE Team may be done by staff, faculty, students, or parents.  Referral forms are located throughout the school.  Each year health teachers review the procedure in each of their health classes for referring a student to the CARE Team.

The state of Pennsylvania mandates that all schools have an active Student Assistance Team for Junior High and Senior High students. The SEMS-East faculty values this tool that is used to identify "at-risk" students. The CARE Team will identify students having problems due to alcohol or drug use, depression , or other mental health problems.  The CARE Team will intervene and will refer students and their families to appropriate in-school or community services. 

Please contact our office and or the guidance office for more information.