Homework Tips

Homework is essential because it gives students a chance to practice and ingrain the academic skills they have learned in school.  Completing homework will have a significant and positive impact on your child's grade.  If you are struggling with homework, here are some suggested techniques to help:


  • Make sure your child is writing their homework assignments in their agenda.


  • Set an assigned time and location for homework completion.  The best area in your home is a space that is free from distractions, but also provides access to monitor and be available to help and encourage.


  • Have school supplies available at the designed space, such as pens, pencils, markers, calculator, and paper.


  • If your child has a lot of homework, break it up into smaller chunks of time.  For instance, set a timer for 30 minutes to complete a certain task or subject and then again later for 30 minutes to complete the remainder.


  • Your child can also brainstorm ideas on when the best time to complete homework is;  whether it be right after school or after dinner.  It is suggested not to allow your child to watch TV or play video games until the homework is completed.


  • Create a homework reward system for completion.  Visible reminders such as a chart on the refrigerator that shows whether homework was completed everyday or not is helpful.  Rewards that do not cost a lot of money or take much time to deliver are good.  Examples might include making your child's favorite dinner, celebrating by playing a family game, baking cookies together, or taking your child to the playground or hiking.  Your child can help with reward ideas - try to think of ideas that promote family time and healthy activities.

There are times when kids will ask parents for help.  Here are six free homework-helper websites.  Just click on each link to go directly to the site.

  1. The Internet Public Library Kidspace

  2. Fact Monster

  3. Kid Info


  5. National Geographic Kids

  6. B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper