8th Grade Spring Dance


8th Grade Spring Dance


When:  Friday, April 21st

Who:  8th grade students who attend South Eastern Middle School

Where: SEMS Cafeteria


      - You may purchase tickets at lunch.  A ticket must be purchased before the night of the dance.

       - Tickets will go on sale Wednesday, April 12th till Friday, April 21st.

      -  All School fines must be paid off before purchasing a ticket. (library and office fines.) 


This is not a formal!!! All school dress Code rules must be followed at the dance.

You must be in school the day of the formal in order to attend the dance. 


Spirit Week

Wednesday 4/19:  Blue and Gold day- KDHS clothing, etc.

Thursday 4/20: Tye Dye Day- Clothes, hats, etc.

Friday 4/21: Duo Day- ex.)Peanut Butter and Jelly,  Buzz and Woody (Just no costumes)


Dress Code: (Please see handbook for specific dress code instructions.)

8th Grade Dance Dress Code


  • Formal wear is not required, nor recommended

  • No Undergarments showing

  • No obscene messages

  • No shoulders showing


  • Shorts must have the length to come to your fingertips

  • Shorts cannot be low enough to show underwear

  • No hats

  • No sunglasses

  • No hoods


  • No bra straps

  • No shorts or skirts higher than mid-thigh

  • No mid-riff showing

  • No spaghetti straps