Facebook Community Rules

SEMS PTO Facebook Community Rules:

  • We encourage you to ask questions and share information.  We request that you keep discussions focused directly concerning our school community.

  • We encourage posts that highlight our community’s accomplishments and constructively raise issues for discussion.

  • When posting, please use appropriate language.

  • Please do not post any photos to the page directly. We ask that you email Kim Young at to request photos to be added, as she is the administrator for the page.

  • Do not post about concerns, problems, or conflicts with individual teachers, administrators, students or parents.  We will immediately delete posts that in any way put down or discriminate against individuals.

  • Online threats will be taken seriously, and proper authorities will be immediately notified.

  • Do not post information commonly understood as confidential, such as student grades.

  • Any inflammatory statements that make allegations against individuals or organizations will be deleted.

  • Keep in mind what you post is public information.

  • Any advertising of businesses is not allowed.

  • Do not publish content as your own that has been created by others.  


    The PTO board and Facebook administration reserve the right to delete comments and block users who are not following the rules stated above.