The Drone Program at SEMS

The Drone Program at SEMS
Posted on 12/06/2017
Drone flown outside SEMS

Working with our South Central Workforce Investment Area, South Eastern Middle School identified two High Priority Occupations- computer systems analysts and software applications to expose students to rapidly changing workplaces that demand continuous learning and innovation of workers via utilizing drones in the classroom.

Our seventh-grade students will have multiple opportunities to become familiar with programming drones. Students will plan and program drone flights to complete obstacle courses as well as drone missions moving specific cargo loads from one location to a designated area. Also, students will have the opportunity to program drones and showcase their abilities via drones races or drone challenges during school wide positive behavior assemblies.

In addition, students will complete class presentations demonstrating the utilization of drones in multiple careers and complete a survey about their interests and the workplace skills/knowledge needed for careers working with drones. Students will have the opportunity to hear businesses talk about how drones are impacting their labor market, essential workplace skills, and relating personal abilities and aptitudes to career paths. Working with drones will spark career conversations among students, parents, and community members. 

Written by Lisa Anderon