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Soup Can

Welcome to South Eastern Middle School. Our school houses students in grades seven and eight. Students benefit from a curriculum guided by the Pennsylvania State Standards which is delivered by highly qualified teachers and specialists in a student-focused, learning environment. Our faculty is dedicated to working with students to promote academic rigor in a teaming environment.

Students at SEMS spend most of their day in academic core team of teachers. Core instruction consists of English Language Arts, math, science and social studies.  Each team consists of four teachers who share the same students.  Team planning time allows teachers to work together to exam student data and plan lessons based on this data. Our teachers in both seventh and eighth grade use the Hybrid Learning Module to deliver instruction. This three station teaching model uses direct instruction, collaboration and independent learning to meet individual student needs through data driven instruction and differentiation. The use of technology in the independent station of the Hybrid Learning Model supports the direct and collaborative stations by increasing the rigor of instruction while teaching students to work independently. The collaborative station enhances the social learning experience of students through increased rigor of problem solving and application of 21st century learning skills. Depending upon the content and the purpose of the lesson, teachers may use a variation of the three station teaching model to meet student needs.  

In addition to the core subjects, all students have the opportunity to explore the areas of music, art, FACS (Family and Consumer Science), technology education and computer science. All students will also explore the world languages of French, Spanish and German in seventh grade, selecting a first year world language in eighth grade. All students receive instruction in physical education and health all year long. Our health curriculum is embedded in the Life Skills Training Program. This researched based curriculum has proven results at the high school level by decreasing high school student involvement in risky behaviors. Our middle school also promotes character education through a program called RAMS Pride which encourages students to exhibit a positive attitude with respect, accountability, motivation and safety. Students also have the opportunity to participate in co-curricular clubs and sport programs after school hours. It is important the students at SEMS receive a quality education while promoting group dynamics, social skills and team membership.  

Your child’s safety is the first concern of our district. As we enter a new calendar year, we will be constantly reviewing our practices and procedures to maintain a safe school environment. The safety and security of our building is a total commitment from everyone.  

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. Please stop in and say hello, my door is open.  
Jon R. Horton


South Eastern Middle School
375 Main Street
Fawn Grove, PA
Fax # 717-382-9033
Doug Bryant 
717.382.4851 x2803
Todd Mulder
Assistant Principal
717.382.4851 x2803

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